The invoice section is used to create or edit invoices for flights conducted. Invoices can be created manually or automatically from bookings and/or flight returns. Invoices can be emailed out directly from Aerotrack and/or the invoice data can be exported to third party applications such as MYOB and Xero.

Post flight invoicing

For post-flight invoicing, please visit post flight invoicing

Creating a manual invoice

To create a manual invoice, in the sales-invoices section, press the green plus button on the top right of the table and select create from the dialog to create a new invoice.

General information can be edited at the top of the window. Customer info pulls from the customer database. Simply start typing a customer and then select from the list.

Invoice info allows the date due, status and tax code to be set. The customers default tax code will automatically be set after one has been selected. If the customer has default payment periods set, the payment due field wil also be automatically set.

Flight info can be designated for the invoice. Generally a route is entered into the Desc. field.

Checks will display if an invoice has been emailed to a customer or exported to an external accounting package.

Adding  a line item

To add a line item to an invoice, simply press the green plus button at the top left o the ‘line detail’ tab. Once a line has been added, a charge code can be selected from the item code dropdown list. After selecting a code, set a QTY in the column. THe price should then automatically be displayed based on the price setting for the selected Item code and quantity. Save the record to show totals down the bottom of the window.

Emailing and printing an invoice

To email or print an invoice, save the record and then select email or print from the actions menu at the top right of the page. Custom invoice designs can be completed by our team on request

Exporting to Xero

To export to Xero, simply select Xero from the bottom menu and that data will be posted across. Ensure that you have the correct information set in the accounting section beforehand.