A new customer can be added by pressing the green plus button in the top right of the window. This will open up the customer form.

Standard information

Duplicate customer names are not allowed. A customer can be listed as active or inactive using the status dropdown. Inactive customers will not appear in dropdown lists for selection on quotes and bookings. Further information can be added on the right, including default tax codes, invoice type, days due etc.

Invoice type dictates when the customer is usually invoiced.

A pre-flight invoice will mean an invoice needs to be created before the booking is marked as closed.

A post-flight invoice will mean an invoice is due to be created after the flight is completed. Post flight invoices are to be created through the Post Flight Invoicing section and are based on flight data entered from returns, (ie. actual flight data, not estimated flight data).



Contact Information

Address information for the customer can be added on the lower left. Additional addresses can be added by selecting the number of required addresses from the dropdown menu. This will create a new tab where further addresses can be entered.

Contacts for each address can be added in the table on the lower right. Add a new contact by pressing the green plus button and then filling out each field. A contact can be marked as default by ticking the default box on the far right. This will dictate which contact appears when selecting the customer on a quote, booking or invoice. Remove a contact by pressing the red minus button.



Sales History

Sales history for the customer can be viewed by clicking the ‘Sales History’ tab. A specific invoice can be navigated to by pressing the blue button on the left. A total sales amount for the business is displayed down the bottom right of the window.



Quotes history

Quotes History will show all the previous quotes done for the customer. A specific quote can be navigated to by clicking the blue arrow on the left

Notes and linked documents

Notes and linked documents can be added in the associated tabs.