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Freight – Overview

Freight Consignments can be created that include freight items. Each freight item can then be added to an already existing flight. Consignments can be viewed in a list, or individual freight items can be viewed in a seperate list. Freight items can also be added to an existing booking from the booking itself.

Creating a Consignment

To create a consignment, press the green plus icon at the top right of the consignments page (Freight -> Consignments). Simply fill in the information from top-to-bottom and left-to-right.


In the information section, the Consignment number (#) will be displayed alongside the Status. The status will default to ‘At Origin’ when a consignment is being created.

Set the ‘Received’ Date to the date on which you received the freight items.

Set the ‘Required by’ date to the date on which the freight items are required to be at their destination.

Set the ‘Origin’ and ‘Destination’ fields.

Set the ‘Charge Customer’ to the customer who will be charged for the transport of the freight items. This must be a saved customer. If you enter a customer which is not saved you will be prompted to create a customer from the Sales -> Customers section.

Instructions relating to the transport of the freight can be added in the ‘Instructions’ field.

Sender and Receiver

The Sender and Receiver can be added from saved customers or entered manually. The corresponding contact fields will be automatically filled if a saved customer is used. Generally the users company details will be set as the Sender. Ensure your company is set up as a customer to be able to have your details auto-fill.

Freight Items

Individual freight items may be added in the ‘Freight Items’ Tab. At least one freight item must be added to create a consignment. To add a freight item, press the green plus icon at the top left of the freight item table. The ‘Description, QTY and Dangerous Goods Declaration (DGD) must be filled to save a freight item. By ticking the DGD box the sender acknowledges that they have checked the freight for Dangerous Goods.

An individual freight item may also be designated as priority by ticking the ‘Priority’ check box.

Assigning a Freight Item to a Booking

Once all the details of the freight item have been added, save the consignment using the save button at the bottom of the window. Next, check the selection check box at the far right of the freight item line and press ‘Assign to Booking’. A window will open displaying available bookings on which the freight item can be added.

Note: Only bookings which include the ‘Origin’ or ‘Destination’ and have a ETD within the ‘Required by’ date of the consignment will be displayed in the selection window. If you wish to add the freight to a booking outside these variables, you will need to navigate to the booking itself and add the freight from the freight items tab.

Select the desired booking from the window and press the ‘Assign to Booking’ button at the bottom right of the window. The freight items will then be assigned to a booking and their associated booking # and sectors will be displayed in the table. Their status will also change to ‘On Booking’.

Note: The booking can be viewed by clicking the blue arrow to the right of the booking #. The sectors can be viewed by clicking the window icon to the right of the Sectors column.

Deleting a Freight Item

To delete a freight item select it from the table and press the red minus icon.

Note: A freight item cannot be deleted once it has been added to a booking. If a freight item has been added in error, navigate to the booking and delete the freight item off the booking under the freight items tab. Once the freight item has been removed from a booking it may be deleted from the consignments -> freight items table. A freight item cannot be deleted if the flight has already been completed.

Deleting a Consignment

To delete a consignment, select ‘Delete Consignment’ from the actions dropdown menu at the top right of the consignment window.

Note: A consignment cannot be deleted if any of it’s associated freight items have been added to a booking.