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Info and Concepts

In quoting, a quote can be generated and sent to a customer or printed. After a quote has been accepted by the customer, a matching booking is created, from which a pilot can be assigned and a return created.

If similar quotes are often needed, a template can also be created to save time.

Note: Click an image to view an example in a new window.

Creating a quote

To create a quote, or a template press on the green ‘plus’ sign at the top right of the window and choose from the available options.

Customer Info

Fill in the Customer information first. The ‘Customer’ dropdown will show customers marked as active in your customer library. You will need to add a new customer before you may create a quote for them. Refer to the Sales -> Customer section on how to add a new customer. Choosing a customer in the dropdown list will automatically add their contact details in the fields below. If different contacts are listed under one customer, they can also be changed by clicking on the dropdown. A further customer reference can be added in the ‘Cust. Ref’ field.


‘ETD’ can be set here as a date and time, or alternatively it will be automatically added when sectors are added in the ‘Flight Details’ section.

‘Quoted’ indicates the day on which the quote was created.

‘Expires in’ displays the days till expiry and the expiry date below. This is automatically set from the default setting in System -> Settings -> Sales Quotes -> Default Expiry Days.

‘Accepted’ date will automatically set once the status of the booking is set to “Accepted”

Quote Info

All quotes can be designated a Category and a Sub Category. These flow through to the bookings and can be reported on. Categories, Sub Categories and default Categories can be set in System -> Controlled Lists -> Flight Categories.

Invoicing can be set to determine when an invoice should be created for this customer. A default can be set in the specific customers settings in Sales -> Customers

A flight total and total duration (flight including turnaround) is also shown in this section.

More Detail

An Operator can be assigned the quote. If you have subsidiary companies or different sections of operation you may wish to seperate quotes, bookings and returns by selecting an Operator. Reports for specific Operators can be generated in the reporting section. Operators can be set up in System -> Company Details -> Operators section.

Notes can be added to the quote in the Notes section. These are notes for the user creating the quote and won’t be printed on the quote itself.

Flight Details

In the flight details tab you may add sectors for your flight. Add a sector by pressing the green ‘plus’ icon. You will need to choose a Rego of the aircraft you will be using to do the flight. Aircraft can be set up in the Aircraft -> Aircraft section.

Please note: A rego is required as times between Origin and Destination are calculated based on the selected aircrafts TAS (True Air Speed). The specific aircraft used for the flight can be changed during the ‘Booking’ stage. You may wish to use a generic aircraft to create a quote and then change it during the booking process.

After selecting a Rego, enter an Origin and Destination. This may be a registered aerodrome or an ALA. These can be found in Flights -> Landing Sites. A waypoint and a delay may also be entered using the buttons ‘Insert a Waypoint’ and ‘Insert a Delay’.

Once you have selected both an Origin and Destination, (or entered a waypoint or delay), the NM column will be automatically populated with the distance between the two points. You may then choose an ETD Date and Time. If you are completing multiple sectors, add further sectors before setting the ETA. Aerotrack Ops automatically calculates the ETE between the two points based on the selected aircraft’s TAS. To automatically calculate ETD and ETA/ETD for subsequent sectors, press the ‘Calculate Times’ button. A turnaround time between sectors can be pre-set in the ‘Turnaround’ field.

If you make a mistake with times, or want to remove and re-add a sector, you can reset the times with the ‘Clear All Times’ button.

Note: Click the photo below for a demonstration

Further information including number of crew, number of passengers, passenger weights (default to 86kg per passenger), passenger bag weights and any known cargo weights can be added on the right hand side of each sector.

Additionally, sectors may be designated as ‘dead legs’ (no passengers onboard) via the DL check box on the far right of the sector line. These sectors will then not be shown on the quote, however, the cost associated with the sector will still be charged.

Email and Print a Quote

A quote can be emailed and printed using the Actions menu at the top right of the quote page. Custom quote templates can be built by our design team. Please contact us if you’d like a custom design built.

Quote to Booking

If your customer has accepted a quote you can create a booking from the quote. To do this, ensure all the information is correctly entered, and then change the ‘Status’ to ‘Accepted’ at the top of the window under ‘Customer Info’. This will create a booking that is connected to the quote. You may proceed to the booking by clicking the blue arrow next to the booking number. From the booking window you can add a pilot, change flight details, and more.