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Info and Concepts

Bookings can be created from a quote, or stand alone. For instructions on how to create a booking from a quote, review the quoting section.

The booking layout is very similar to the quoting layout. Additionally you may add a PIC, a 2nd Pilot, determine the second pilots role (co-pilot, ICUS etc.), view completed flights (Sectors Returned), add notes, add passengers, view passengers status (checked in or not), add cargo and edit cost and charge details. After completing a booking, you may mark this as completed to allow passenger check in, by-pass passenger check in, email a booking sheet to pilots and create returns for completion by pilots upon return from their flight.

Note: For instructions on how to add sectors, please refer to the ‘Quoting’ section as the process is identical.

Assigning crew to a booking

To assign crew to a booking, click the PIC field in the sector line and choose a pilot from the dropdown. Only active pilots will display in the dropdown list. Crew can be added in the Flight Crew -> Crew Register section. The same can be done for the 2nd Pilot (if applicable). The 2nd Pilot’s role will display and can be changed by clicking the dropdown and choosing from available options. Default 2nd Pilot roles can be set for the flight category in System -> Controlled Lists -> Flight Categories section.

Adding Passengers

Passengers can be added to a booking in the ‘Pax Booked’ Tab. Press the green plus icon to add a new passenger. A new line will be created and a dropdown of saved passenger’s last names will be displaced. If a passenger has been added on a previous booking they will be displayed here. Selecting a passenger’s last and first name will open a window displaying the saved passenger’s details. Here you can confirm the details with the passenger, and then click on the blue arrow to add them to the booking. Their weight can be changed under the ‘Pax Wt.’ column. The ‘Last Weighed’ date will automatically update once the passenger’s weight has been changed.

After adding a passenger, you need to specify which sector(s) the passenger will be traveling on. A passenger can be added to all sectors by pressing the ‘All Sectors’ button. Alternatively, they can be added to individual sectors by selecting the passenger using the tick box on the far right, then pressing the ‘Sectors’ button above the table. The positive and negative tick boxes next to the ‘Sectors’ button can be used to select all passengers, or none.

After pressing the ‘Sectors’ button, a new window will open. From this window, a sector can be selected, and the passengers added to it by pressing the ‘Add to Sectors’ button on the bottom right of the window. The sectors will then be shown in the ‘On Sectors’ part of the window (lower half). Sectors can be removed by pressing the red ‘X’ on the added sector line. Sectors will be added or removed for all selected passengers in the main table. If you wish to add different passengers to different sectors, you will need to add the passengers separately and complete these steps twice.

Note: Click on the picture below for a demonstration

Pax Status

The checkin status of passengers booked on a flight can be viewed from the ‘Pax Status’ tab. This will display extra information on the passenger if they have been checked in, including their seat number, if their bags have been checked for dangerous goods, actual number of bags checked in and the weight of their bags checked in. Passengers can be checked in in the Flights -> Check In section.

Passengers can be easily searched for using their surname or by sector in the two search fields above the Pax Status window.

Confirming, Closing or Cancelling a booking

Firstly, to confirm a booking, sector information must have been completed (including model, rego, origin, destination, ETD, ETA, EST) and at least a PIC must have been assigned to each sector. A pilot must be endorsed on the aircraft assigned to the booking, and must have a roster period assigned on the day of the flight to be able to be assigned. Flight crew endorsements can be set in the Flight Crew -> Crew Register -> (crew member) -> Type Ratings. Rosters can be assigned on the Calendar.

After all the correct information has been added, a flight can be confirmed, closed, or cancelled by clicking ‘Open’ next to ‘Status’ in the ‘Customer Details’ section and choosing the relevant option.

‘Change Status to Confirmed’ will allow check-in for passengers (if this setting is enabled on the ‘Pax Booked’ tab).

‘Change Status to Closed’ will by-pass check-in of passengers (if not required) and will generate returns for the pilot to fill upon completion of their flight. Returns are also generated once all passengers are checked in and the status is set to ‘Closed’. For more information on passenger check-in please refer to the Flights -> Check In section.

‘Change Status to Cancelled’ will cancel the flight and will not generate returns.

If a wrong status is chosen, it can be changed by re-pressing the ‘Status’ button once again.

Note: Click the image below for a demonstration