Submitting A Safety Report

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Creating a Safety (Incident) Report

A safety report can be submitted by navigating to Compliance -> Safety Reports. Create a new safety report by clicking the green plus icon at the top right of the window. Press ‘Create’ on the dialog. You will then be prompted to select if you’d like this report to remain confidential. If ‘Yes’ is selected, the incident report will be listed as ‘Reported By – Confidential’. If ‘No’ is selected, your user account name will be listed next to ‘Reported By’.

After selecting Confidential options, a window will open from which you may fill out your report.

Under ‘Event Info’ you may select the ‘Event Type’ and ‘Category’. These dropdown lists are populated in SMS Setup.

Select the Date and Time of the incident in the ‘DateTime’ field and describe the location in the ‘Event Location’ field. A base can be selected from the ‘Base’ dropdown list.

In the ‘Risk Assessment’ section, you may provide an upfront risk assessment on the incident. A further risk assessment may be carried out by a Safety Officer/Manager later in the reporting process. Apply your risk assessment by clicking ‘Severity’ and ‘Likelyhood’ and choosing from the available matrix options. This will then provide a ‘Tolerability’ assessment below. Risk Matrixes are set up in SMS Setup.

An ‘Event Description’ may be added in the associated field. Enter a general description of the incident. Specific questions will be able to be answered in the ‘Questions & Answers’ tab. In the ‘Immediate Action Taken’ field add a description of any immediate action taken to rectify the incident.

Questions and Answers

Questions will be auto-populated based on the ‘Event Type’ and ‘Category’ chosen on the ‘Event Details’ page. These questions can be set up in SMS Setup. Click on the ‘Answer’ field of each question to provide an answer. Some questions will require a number, text, a date/time or an option from the dropdown list. If you provide an answer and then click on the next question and the previously provided answer disappears, you have provided the answer in the wrong format, (number, text, date/time).

Questions marked with a red exclamation mark are mandatory questions and require an answer before the report may be submitted.

Some questions may appear after a previous question has been answered. These are ‘conditional’ questions and will only appear once a previous question has met a certain condition.

Submit a Draft Report

After you have answered all mandatory questions, you may upload a document (photo, etc) in the ‘Linked Documents’ tab. You may save the report and come back to it at any time by pressing the ‘Save’ or ‘Save & Close’ buttons. Please note: This will not submit the report!

To submit the report, press the ‘Submit Draft Report’ button. This will submit the report to the Safety Management Team (accounts designated as SMS Managers) for further analysis.

Note: The report must be submitted for the SMS managers to be able to see it in the list of reports! Only saving the report will not submit it. If your SMS Manager cannot see a report, check you have submitted it using the ‘Submit Draft Report’ button.

Once the report has been submitted, it will display to SMS managers in the main window of Compliance -> Safety Reports. The report ‘Status’ will show as ‘Submitted’.

To delete a report before submission, select ‘Delete Draft’ from the ‘Actions’ menu on the top right of the safety report submission window.

Note: After a report has been submitted, the ‘Questions & Answers’ and ‘Event Details’ cannot be edited.

Submitted Report – Initial Information

After a report has been submitted, it becomes visible to Safety Managers (Users assigned as Safety Managers).

When a Safety Manager navigates to a report, they are first presented with a general rundown of the report details as submitted by the user. ‘Report Info’ includes general information as well as the ‘Status’ of the report. This can be changed by clicking on the ‘Submitted’ status. Once a title has been added in the ‘Report Title’ section, and the report is ready to be investigated, the status should be changed to ‘Under Review’ by clicking the ‘Status’ button and confirming the action in the dialog. This action represents progression through the ‘Report Workflow’.

Note: Report workflows can be set up in SMS Setup. Your particular workflow may not include ‘Under Review’ as mentioned in these instructions.

After confirmation of progression through the report workflow, an email will be sent out to all designated safety managers.

Assigned Teams

A team of investigators can be assigned in the ‘Assigned Team’ section at the top right of the safety report window. Team members can be designated a role in the investigation. Assigned Teams will default to all accounts marked as ‘SMS Manager’ (Safety Managers). Team members can be removed or added using the plus or minus icons. All team members will be emailed every time the safety report is progressed through the report workflow.

Event – Connecting a Hazard

In the event section, the report can be connected to an existing hazard identified in the ‘Risk Register’. This way, a safety team can view incidents that have resulted from previously observed risks.

Simply select an existing risk/hazard from the ‘Hazard’ dropdown list to assign it to the report.

Questions & Answers

Questions and answers can be viewed in the associated window, however, they cannot be edited. This is to protect the information that was initially submitted by the user.