Safety Report Assessment

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Safety Report Assessment – Overview

When a safety report is initially submitted by a user, the user has the option of outlining their own ‘Draft Risk Assessment’. A further assessment of the risk and cause of the incident can be outlined in the ‘Assessment’ section of the safety reporting system.

Initial Risk Assessment

After the report has been submitted, an ‘Initial Risk Assessment’ can be made by the Safety Manager. This may or may not contradict the ‘Draft Risk Assessment’ initially submitted by the user. To fill out an initial risk assessment, select the ‘Severity’ and ‘Likelyhood’ of the incident by clicking on the buttons and choosing from the options. This will build a ‘Tolerability’ assessment from the matrix.

Note: The Risk Matrix is set up in SMS Setup.

Below this, one or more causes can be added. Click on the green plus icon to add a cause. Causes are also set in SMS Setup. A cause will have one or more associated contributing factors. These can be reported on later. Other information can be added in the associated field. Save the window to add the cause. The cause can be viewed/edited by clicking on the window icon to the left of the cause.