Risk Register

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Risk Register – Overview

The Risk Register allows a comprehensive list of risks to be kept. These Risks can be scheduled for review, have their reviews tracked, attached or associated with a Safety Report and be associated with Preventative Controls outlined in a Safety Report. Risks are assessed using a pre-determined Risk Matrix. This can be viewed/set up in System -> SMS Setup.

Creating a new Risk

To add a risk to the Risk Register, simply press the green plus icon on the top right of the window.

Outline the hazard in the ‘Hazard Description’ field, and the risk in the ‘Risk Description’ field below it. The risk can be scheduled for review using the ‘Next Review’ field.

Complete the risk assessment using the matrix in the ‘Current Risk Assessment’ section. Simply choose from ‘Severity’ and ‘Likelyhood’ to set a ‘Risk Tolerability’.


The reports window will show all safety reports with which the risk has been associated. This is an easy way to see how many incidents a risk has contributed to. For more information on adding a risk to a safety report, please refer to Submitting a Safety Report.