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Jobs are the core of the aerotrack workflow and form the link between inventory, labour, maintenance control, log books entries and invoices. You can always see a live costing of both parts and labour in both the job lost and job detail forms.

Labour control and timesheets

  • Fast timesheet entry per employee
  • Able to setup your own activities for timesheets and utilise a type ahead for the activity to speed data entry
  • Allows for different cost/hour for each employee
  • Allows for up to 8 different charge out rates for each employee to allow for flexible labour billing for different customers
  • Over 15 labour reports alone

Job Tasks

  • Able to split a job into tasks, each with its own short code and long description
  • You can create tasks manually or create these automatically once you have created your worksheet
  • Once job tasks have been created you can allocate both parts and labour to each task
  • See at a glance the sum of parts and labour costs per task
  • Able to report these job costs by task as a sub-summarised totals

Log Book Entries

  • Create log book entries automatically once you complete a worksheet
  • Able to drag and drop rectifications into ‘Additional work’ section of the log book entry
  • Drag and drop parts from the job onto the log book entry saving large amounts of time
  • Multiple log book entry formats and are further able to be customised to suit your existing format or use our default format
  • Able to produce Airframe, Engine, Propeller, Turbine Log book formats including Engine and Propeller Overhaul formats

Release Certificates

  • Create CASA form 1 release certificates in CASA standard format
  • Able to include multiple components per certificate
  • Able to create worksheets testing reports per job including test equipment used, software used, modifications, preliminary analysis etc.
  • Create delivery dockets to accompany your release certificate

Create Job Invoices

  • Once parts and labour have been added to a job you can instantly markup these items with a number of pricing models
  • Use straight % mark-up or more advanced models
  • Able to see total costs vs total charge per job and profit % prior to sending these items to an invoice