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  • Fully Multi base compliant. Able to monitor batches at each base and able to report stock valuation and stock counts per base. Dedicated stock transfer tool to move parts between bases
  • Full traceability of batches
  • Multiple bin locations per Part# as well as a default bin location
  • Barcode labels and barcode scanning support
  • Easily see both the master parts list and the batch list with full pricing details
  • Continuous instant stock valuations

Aerotrack Market

  • Advertise your excess stock for sale on the Aerotrack Market.
  • A simple click will add a part to the market where over 110 Australian maintenance organisations can view it.
  • No commission charges or advertising fees.
  • Search the market to purchase stock from other maintenance providers.
  • Negotiate your price and perhaps get a good deal while helping another MRO clear excess stock holdings.


  • Able to see separate ordered and received quantities.
  • Instantly create and manage back orders when receiving stock
  • Create and report on repair orders
  • Nominate different  Job # per line per PO and instantly send parts to multiple jobs on receipt
  • Able to drag and drop all reorder parts onto a PO
  • Email purchases orders directly to suppliers from within the software
  • Will export into popular accounting software saving double data entry


  • Separate Parts Invoicing (direct part sales) and Service Invoicing (selling completed jobs)
  • Able to barcode scan Parts Invoices, ideal for parts distributors
  • Automatically create mark-up pricing based on range models or flat percentages or both!
  • Email Invoices
  • Will import into popular accounting software saving double data entry

Stock Adjustments

  • Able to record stocktakes by direct count, scan or import from spreadsheet
  • Able to count stock by bin location
  • After editing stocktake counts will create the stock adjustment for the user
  • Instantly see the ‘expected’ count as well as the ‘actual’ count

Parts Issue

  • Able to use a single form to issue parts to multiple jobs per day
  • Full barcode scanning support
  • Able to scan barcode labels, jobs labels and employee labels rapidly speeding data entry and dramatically cutting down on input errors


  • Fully featured requisitioning system to create a paperless ordering system
  • Major benefits to both the hangar engineering personnel as well as purchasing officer
  • Able to drag and drop requisitions to a PO.
  • Feedback to the engineering staff the status of the PO.