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With our document management tool we can import whatever file you like eg. pdf, word, excel, image into our database. We can then link this file to any record within the system eg. linking a quote to a sale, linking a budget spread sheet to a Job, linking a pdf to an aircraft inspection or an image to a lifespan component. User can also link the 1 file to multiple records in the system.

Users of the system can then stream the file back to the client and open the file in the default application even over the internet. We are acting as your private file server!

Complete versioning of Files

Our document management tool also enables full versioning of your files so that each version of the file is kept and allocated a version number. Only the latest revision is opened by default however you can review previous version if you require.

Read Requests

  • One a new document has been imported into the system you can assign read requests to the document
  • On logging in to the software the receive a message asking them to review the new document
  • On reviewing the document they receive a message to confirm that they have reviewed the document as per the instructions
  • Creates a full auditable review log of documents

Full Audit Trail

See who has opened the files and when they opened the file as an historical record.