Aerotrack Ops

A complete flight operations package for your business

Flight Operations Tracking

Built on the proven framework that is Aerotrack MRO, Aerotrack Ops is a complete, standalone flight operations management package.

Aerotrack Ops incorperates Crew Management, Fleet Planning, Fleet Scheduling, Sales, Freight management, a Safety Management System and more into a user friendly software package. Replace outdated paper-based or spreadsheet based systems with a proven and robust system for recording your important operational data. 

All your Operations, managed

Quotes & Bookings

Create quotes, email them to your customers and then convert them to a booking

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We have designed an intuitive and user friendly system for creating a quote, sending it to customers and then converting it to a booking in Aerotrack Ops.

Specify sectors for your aircraft and apply times automatically based on the selected aircraft’s performance. Add delays, waypoints and specify turn-around times for your aircraft.

After a flight has been created, standard costs and charges for the flight may be added with one click and may then be further customised if required. A quote may then be generated and emailed to your customer in PDF format.

Upon acceptance of the quote by the customer a booking may be generated to which further information such as flight crew, passengers, freight and weights can be added. Once a Booking is confirmed the information is forwarded to the flight crew and records are created to ensure flight information is recorded upon the Pilot’s return.

Flight and Duty

Aerotrack Ops is fully compliant with the CASA CAO 48.1 Appendix rules

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All CASA CAO 48.1 Appendices (Instrument 2019) are built into Aerotrack Ops. This allows flight and duty management against any of the appendices and ensures you remain compliant at all times.

Any discretions are recorded and tracked, allowing accurate reporting when it is required. If a Flight Crew Member exceeds any limits, appropriate personnel in your organisation are automatically notified via email and may address each individual discretion to ensure exceedence tracking and further compliance.

Certain Fatigue Risk Management Systems and custom flight and duty solutions may be supported upon consulation with our team.

Fleet Scheduling

Assign available aircraft and crew to bookings and prevent scheduling conflicts

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View your past, present and upcoming bookings in a dynamic, customisable calendar to ensure your fleet is scheduled correctly. Sort your aircraft by base or operator to improve planning and data collation.

Aerotrack Ops informs you if an aircraft or Flight Crew has an overlapping schedule so this can be resolved. 


An integrated Safety Management System (SMS) ensures you remain compliant across the board

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Safety management and compliance forms the foundation of many aspects of the Aerotrack Software. A powerful Safety Management System ensures tracking of incidents, accidents, risks, assets, servicing, subscriptions, fuel and more.

Ensure incidents and accidents are recorded, investigated, addressed and closed off with a customisable safety reporting system. Generate a question matrix, risk matrix, manage workflow and identify causes and corrective actions required. Assign an investigative team and tasks to each person. Remain in the loop with inbuilt, automatic emailing as the investigation progresses. 

Seperate sections for servicing, assets, subscriptions, risk register and fuel reporting allow comprehensive tracking and reporting across all aspects of safety within your organisation.


Push and pull data between Aerotrack Ops, Aerotrack MRO and third party applications

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As an Aerotrack MRO and Aerotrack Ops customer you benefit from data sharing across both your maintenance and flying operations.

Aircraft TTIS and counters are automatically pushed to the maintenance records after the data is entered by the pilot upon completion of a flight. Aircraft defects entered by the pilot are also addressible in the Aerotrack MRO application and maintenance data for the specific aircraft can be viewed in Aerotrack Ops.

Aerotrack applications support data sharing between accounting packages Xero and MYOB to allow ease of invoicing and accounting. For more information on Xero integration please visit Xero Integration.

For potential integration with other third party software or hardware providers, please begin a dialog with our team.

Crew Management

Ensure Crew recency is tracked and maintained with automatic email reminders and more

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Aerotrack Ops includes a crew management system that assists your team in maintaining recency items, logbook data and crew information.

Recency and flight recency can be managed via a template system to ensure consistency and ongoing recency expiry tracking. If a Flight Crew Member is approaching the specified warning timeframe before expiry of a recency item, they will be automatically informed via email.

Flight recency tracking is based on the CASA regulations and includes full IFR recency items, NVFR recency items and general flight recency items. General recency can be fully customised to suit your specific company requirements.

A digital Pilot logbook is automatically compiled and maintained from the flights entered into Aerotrack. Data can be imported, exported and maintained across two or more employers.

Crew Rostering

Ensure accurate crew rostering with a dynamic, customisable rostering system

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Roster templates may be created to suit your individual businesses requirements. These may be related to a relative CASA Appendix or may be designated as non-flying duty or otherwise.

Templates may then be added to a dynamic roster calendar which will immediately inform the user if a roster limit in the associated appendix has been exceeded. Flight crew may be rostered under multiple appendices across which flight and duty limits are monitored.

Flight Crew members can be notified through email of their upcoming roster.


The reporting centre provides comprehensive reports across your operation

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An application-wide reporting centre is integrated into Aerotrack Ops. PDF reports may be generated from live data for many aspects of your operation.

Custom data exports may be created upon consulation with our team, and can allow CSV exports of almost any data point in the Aerotrack Software.

PDF reports may be customised based on your individual requirements upon consulation with our team.

Note: Custom reports and data exports incur additional fees.


Post-flight invoice, pre-flight invoice or invoice from a blank template in Aerotrack Ops

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Depending on your company or each customer’s requirements, choose whether to create a pre-flight or post-flight invoice for your quotes or bookings.

Pre-flight invoicing allows invoices to be created and customised based on a quote. These can be created and emailed to the customer immediately after a quote has been generated or upon acceptance of a quote.

Post-flight invoicing allows an invoice to be created based on the actual flight data returned, ie. what the aircraft actually did. This can be generated automatically from the data entered by the pilot upon completion of the flight and then be customised as necessary.

Custom invoices can be generated from a blank template, allowing complete control over line items, quantity and more. Completed invoices can be emailed to the customer and the associated accounting data can be exported to third party packages such as Xero.

A user customisable library of costs and charges allows individual accounting related items to be tailored to your requirements.

Updates & Support

Regular, ongoing updates and improvements to Aerotrack Software are part of the package

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Aerotrack applications are receiving ongoing updates, improvements and bug fixes by the Aerotrack Systems team. Updates and fixes are pushed to the cloud once they have been built and rigorously tested and are automatically integrated into the application, requiring no action by the user to manually update.

Our team welcomes suggestions for improvements and also provides several channels for support including online user guides, video tutorials, as well as phone and email contacts.

If you’d like to suggest an improvement, report a bug, submit a general enquiry or submit a sales enquiry, please contact us

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