Aerotrack OPS

A complete flight operations package for your business

Flight Operations Tracking

Built on the proven framework that is Aerotrack MRO, Aerotrack Ops is a complete, standalone flight operations management package.

Aerotrack Ops incorperates Crew Management, Fleet Planning, Fleet Scheduling, Sales, Freight management, a Safety Management System and more into a user friendly software package. Replace outdated paper-based or spreadsheet based systems with a proven and robust system for recording your important operational data.

Our OPS software integrates with our MRO application to allow visibility/updating of the aircraft maintenance data.

All your Operations, managed

Quotes & Bookings

Quickly create quotes, email your customers and then convert the quote to a booking on acceptance. 

  • Create templates of bookings and quotes and use these templates to rapidly generate new records 
  • Specify sectors from a library of landing sites, allocate passengers and crew to each sector.
  • Automatically calculate sector ETAs based on the selected aircraft’s performance. Add delays, waypoints and specify turn-around times for your aircraft.
  • Each booking/quote automatically generates costs and charges to determine profit and allow easy invoicing.
  • Automatically generates flight returns for confirmed bookings. These flight returns are completed by the pilot to generate daily flight logs.
  • From the actual flight return data update the maintenance records in our Aerotrack MRO application. No double data entry.
  • Email confirmed booking to your assigned flight crew.


Pilot Logbooks

Each flight crew member has visibility of their logbook entries, ‘totals on type’, and total aeronautical experience.

  • Import your prior logbook data via spreadsheet. You can also export your logbook data at any time to Excel.
  • On finalising flight return data, generating a pilot logbook entry is a one-click function, as the flight return contains all the required information to create the log book entry.
  • You can also add manual logbook entries if the flight crew member is performing some flight hours outside of the Aerotrack account.
  • Total aeronautical experience summarises your hours by single/multi-engine, piston/turbine, and day/night.  The data is displayed in a fully searchable table.
  • Filter your logbook entries by date range, rego, type and more. Export this filtered data to Excel.
  • Attach flight recencies e.g. night landings to a logbook entry and automatically calculate these to a target value within a period.

Crew Management

Aerotrack Ops includes a crew management system that assists your team in maintaining recency items, logbook data, training and type ratings for all flight crew members.

  • Setup any number of recency and flight recency items using master lists.
  • Quickly copy new recency items to existing crew or copy all/select items from a template to new pilots to ensure consistency between flight crew.  
  • If a flight crew member is approaching the specified warning timeframe before expiry of a recency item, they will be automatically informed via email.
  • Flight recency tracking is based on the CASA regulations and includes full IFR recency items, NVFR recency items and general flight recency items.
  • General recency can be fully customised to suit your specific company requirements.
  • Upload documents for your flight crew so they are always secure and available within our application.

Flight and Duty

Aerotrack Ops is fully compliant with the CASA CAO 48.1 Appendix rules. All CASA CAO 48.1 Appendices (Instrument 2019) are built as standard into our application.

  • Manage flight and duty against any of the appendices and ensure you remain compliant at all times.
  • Any discretions are recorded and tracked, allowing accurate reporting when it is required.
  • If a Flight Crew Member exceeds any limits, appropriate personnel in your organisation are automatically notified via email and may address each individual discretion to ensure exceedence tracking and further compliance.
  • Certain Fatigue Risk Management Systems and custom flight and duty solutions may be supported upon consultation with our team.
  • A single duty window displays all relevant appendix limits, log book entries during the duty, flight recencies,  sleep diary and possible discretions. All conveniently in one place!

Crew Rostering

Ensure accurate crew rostering with a dynamic, customisable rostering system, all inside an attractive timeline calendar for your flight crew.

  • All CASA CAO 48.1 Appendices (Instrument 2019) are built into Aerotrack OPS. This allows flight and duty management against any of the appendices and ensures you remain compliant at all times.
  • Build a list of required roster templates eg day/night, different start times, standby etc and colour code each to easily differentiate on the calendar
  • A simple right-click menu on the calendar allows you to quickly add a roster (from your templates list) of single or multiple days to each flight crew member
  • As rosters are added to the calendar, any limits exceeding CASA are highlighted for correction
  • Any discretions are recorded and tracked, allowing accurate reporting when it is required.
  • Double-clicking a calendar event opens the duty window, displaying all relevant appendix limits, log book entries and flight recencies during that duty period, and sleep diary.
  • Certain Fatigue Risk Management Systems and custom flight and duty solutions may be supported upon consulation with our team.


Our compliance module provides asset management of tooling and GSE. Track technical data subscriptions and servicing requirements for workshop equipment. We include a full auditing system with templates and a powerful and customisable SMS. 

  • Create audit templates with default checks and recurring periods. The system will generate a 12-month plan of these audits for you.
  • Non-compliance and recommendation tasks are easily created and flow through to our compliance tasks module
  • A powerful SMS is provided and allows you to customise the event types, investigation team, workflow and analysis. We adapt to your organisation safety requirements.
  • Audits and safety reports can generate compliance tasks for your staff to complete. These compliance tasks have due dates and will email personnel when falling due.
  • View your fuel records for each aircraft over a period and trend monitor the information


Create post-flight invoices, pre-flight invoices, pre and post-flight invoices or invoice from a blank template in Aerotrack OPS. The choice is yours. Each flight contains all costs and charges, determining profit on the fly!

  • Pre-flight invoicing allows invoices to be created and customised based on a quote. These can be created and emailed to the customer immediately after a quote has been generated or upon acceptance of a quote.
  • Aerotrack OPs automatically lists your landing fees as per each landing site and calculates these for you.
  • Post-flight invoicing allows an invoice to be created based on the actual flight data returned, ie. what the aircraft actually did. This can be generated automatically from the data entered by the pilot upon completion of the flight and then be customised as necessary.
  • Custom invoices can be generated from a blank template, allowing complete control over line items, quantity and more.
  • Invoices can be emailed to the customer and the associated accounting data can be exported to third-party packages such as Xero.
  • A user-customisable library of costs and charges allows individual accounting-related items to be tailored to your requirements. Multiply these costs and charges by eg. flight hours, pax, sectors flown and more.