Aerotrack MRO

Maintain control over your maintenance organisation

Maintenance Tracking

Aerotrack MRO is a software package designed specifically for Australian aviation maintenance organisations. The package allows the MRO to manage personnel, inventory and workshop tooling. It also includes an all encompassing maintenance control module.

The package has been designed to assist the Part 145 or CAR 30 MRO in managing all aspects of the business and is currently in use in over 150 maintenance and overhaul organisations around Australia.

The package allows interface with our FlightOps software where pilots can record their flight and duty times and directly transfer the MR time through to the maintenance software to immediately update the aircraft run outs.

Manage your Maintenance Organisation

Job Control

Manage inservice jobs and plan ahead for upcoming staffing requirements with planned jobs

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Aerotrack allows the organisation to have visibility of jobs costs in real time.

Create a workpack for an aircraft coming in for maintenance, plan labour hours and skill set requirements.

Easily create scheduled maintenance for aircraft or component work. Control the workflow from start to finish, including issuing the log book entry of ARC.

Maintenance Control

Advance maintenance control functionality allows management of small unrated aircraft through to complex twin turbine aeroplanes and helicopters

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Create aircraft schedules with multi level assemblies and over 100 counters. Complex calculated counters as prescribed by the OEM can be added and used to track applicable components. Work sheets are created for inservice jobs and easily updated once the job is complete. Over 50 reports are available to assist with fleet maintenance planning.


Let Aerotrack keep your LAME register up to date. Track staff recency, training requirements and more

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Individual staff recency can be tracked and email warnings are issued when renewals are coming due. LAME licence information can be recorded and type ratings added. Staff can be restricted to certify for only those tasks within their issued licence.


Push and pull data between Aerotrack Ops, Aerotrack MRO and third party applications

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As an Aerotrack MRO and Aerotrack Ops customer you benefit from data sharing across both your maintenance and flying operations.

Aircraft TTIS and counters are automatically pushed to the maintenance records after the data is entered by the pilot upon completion of a flight. Aircraft defects entered by the pilot are also addressible in the Aerotrack MRO application and maintenance data for the specific aircraft can be viewed in Aerotrack Ops.

Aerotrack applications support data sharing between accounting packages Xero and MYOB to allow ease of invoicing and accounting. For more information on Xero integration please visit Xero Integration.

For potential integration with other third party software or hardware providers, please begin a dialog with our team.

Inventory Management

Complete traceability of parts from PO to jobs. Manage stock via reordering levels and requisitions

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Aerotrack inventory management is a core function that allows every individual part to be traced from the original purchase through to the aircraft it was fitted to.

Use the barcode scanner to book parts out to jobs in the store. Rolling stock takes can make long term management of stock levels easier.


Parts and labour can be priced and an invoice for servicing can be created on job completion.  Direct parts sales can be done on the spot

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Flexible pricing models for customer groups makes the markup of parts and labour a simple task. Transferring the costs to an invoice can be done when the job is complete. Direct parts sales can easily be raised and sales orders can be taken for parts to be ordered and delivered.


Asset management of tooling and GSE. Track technical data subscriptions and servicing requirements for workshop equipment

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Aerotrack allows the MRO to track company assets and tooling. Calibrated tooling is tracked and usage can be logged against individual tasks on a job. The system includes SMS and auditing functionality to assist with safety management within the organisation.

Updates & Support

Regular, ongoing updates and improvements to Aerotrack Software are part of the package

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Aerotrack applications are receiving ongoing updates, improvements and bug fixes by the Aerotrack Systems team. Updates and fixes are pushed to the cloud once they have been built and rigorously tested and are automatically integrated into the application, requiring no action by the user to manually update.

Our team welcomes suggestions for improvements and also provides several channels for support including online user guides, video tutorials, as well as phone and email contacts.

If you’d like to suggest an improvement, report a bug, submit a general enquiry or submit a sales enquiry, please contact us

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