Aerotrack MRO

Maintain control over your maintenance organisation

Maintenance Tracking

Aerotrack MRO is software designed specifically for Australian aviation maintenance organisations. The application allows the MRO to manage personnel, inventory and workshop tooling. It includes a powerful maintenance control module for the aircraft you maintain.

This software has been designed to assist the Part 145 or CAR 30 MRO in managing all aspects of the business and is currently in use in over 250 maintenance, repair and overhaul organisations around Australia.

We interface with our FlightOps software where pilots can record their flight and duty times and directly transfer the MR time through to the maintenance software to immediately update the aircraft run outs.

Manage your Maintenance Organisation

Job Control

Manage in-service jobs with costs (parts & labour) in real-time. Setup future planned jobs to view estimated manpower and inventory requirements. Major functionality includes:

  • Easily create a work pack of task cards for aircraft maintenance, each task card includes a description of work, estimated hours and skill set requirements.
  • For component-type jobs (repair, service and overhaul), we have a powerful templating tool to add standard task cards
  • Control the workflow from start to finish, including rapidly creating and editing the logbook entry and ARC with drag-and-drop style functionality.
  • See the progress of your task cards with the completed/total task count
  • Our timesheets integrate with each job/task so as timesheets are entered the labour costs per job are updated.
  • Each job can have a customised set of check/quality checks to be completed before release of the aircraft/component
  • As a cloud-based product, you can even turn on the ability to pass information to and from another MRO within our application

Inventory Logistics

Complete traceability of parts from creating a PO, to issuing to a job or parts sale. The parts catalog shows what’s in stock, available, and on order, with full valuation at a glance.

  • View the entire transaction history of a part # (or a batch of that part #) including costs and sell pricing
  • Provision stock via requisitions and standard required parts lists
  • Replenish minimum stock levels using our powerful ordering tool
  • Print barcode labels from our application and scan these to issue parts to a job
  • Each part in your catalog can have unlimited alternate parts, we have tools to assemble and disassemble kits and to receive ‘owner-supplied’ stock for your jobs
  • Full multi-base capable
  • Full multi-currency support
  • Rolling stock takes can make long-term management of stock levels easier

Maintenance Control

Advanced maintenance control functionality allows management of aircraft from small unrated types through to complex twin-turbine aeroplanes and helicopters.

  • Allows multi-level assemblies of components and maintenance items, all viewable from a single ‘tree’ view
  • Copy your aircraft configuration from a template or another aircraft to reduce your data entry
  • Includes over 100 counters to monitor your components and maintenance items
  • Add complex calculated counters as prescribed by the OEM to track applicable components
  • Worksheets are created for in-service jobs and easily updated once the job is complete
  • We provide the AD libraries to CASA, FAA, EASA and CAA NZ, all fully searchable with online links to open the document. Drag and drop these into your aircraft schedule
  • Setup warning points for each item to show ‘traffic’ lights of their status at a glance
  • Over 50 reports are available to assist with fleet maintenance planning


A full sales module is provided including direct parts sales for distributors. We allow business-to-business transactions to other Aerotrack account holders to fast-track data entry.

  • Parts and labour can be priced and reviewed on the job and only when acceptable, sent to a sales invoice.
  • Multiple and flexible pricing models exist to make the markup of both parts and labour a 1-click task.
  • Each sale contains a full profit analysis function, displaying your costs vs charge pricing, gross profit and gross profit %
  • Sales orders can be taken for parts to be ordered and delivered.
  • Dropship of sales parts is supported linking your sale order to a PO.
  • A sales quoting tool is provided, allowing you to quote a job (by task) or a direct parts sale. You can link multiple quotes to a job.
  • Send sales to your accounting package by file export or API. No double data entry!


Let Aerotrack keep your LAME register up to date. Track staff recency, authorisations, training requirements, and much more.

  • Unlimited personnel records can be kept for all engineering and administrative staff
  • Individual staff recency can be tracked and warnings are emailed when renewals are coming due
  • LAME licence information can be recorded and engineering type-ratings added for authorisations
  • Staff can be restricted to certify for only those tasks within their issued licence
  • Links to personnel time sheets for a list of work completed, fully reportable 
  • View a historical list of task cards completed and report by date and ATA chapter of total time spent 


Our compliance module provides asset management of tooling and GSE. Track technical data subscriptions and servicing requirements for workshop equipment. We include a full auditing system with templates and a powerful and customisable SMS. 

  • Calibrated tooling is tracked and usage can be logged against individual tasks on a job.
  • Calibration renewals can be setup and emailed when falling due. You can automate the creation of the PO to your supplier
  • Create audit templates with default checks and recurring periods. The system will generate a 12-month plan of these audits for you. 
  • Non-compliance and recommendation tasks are easily created and flow through to our compliance tasks module
  • A powerful SMS is provided and allows you to customise the event types, investigation team, workflow and analysis. We adapt to your organisation safety requirements.  
  • Audits and safety reports can generate compliance tasks for your staff to complete. These compliance tasks have due dates and will email personnel when falling due.