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  • Safety reports register provides a list of all your actual occurrences/events
  • Risk Register lists all potential risk/hazards
  • Link your safety reports to a risk to see safety trending per risk
  • Setup your own risk assessment levels for:
    • Severity
    • Likelihood
    • Tolerability
    • Or use the CASA defaults

Risk Register

  • See all linked safety reports automatically
  • Add a list of mitigating controls for the risk
  • See the reviews of the risk and add review dates and be emailed when the review of the risk is coming due.
  • Link unlimited documents such as photos etc. to the risk
  • Apply a unique risk assessment levels to each risk

Safety Reports

  • Assemble a team to investigate the safety event and be emailed continuously as the investigation progresses
  • Multiple event types:
    • Ground Operation
    • Flight
    • Maintenance
    • Administration
    • Each type of  event has their own contextual fields so as to keep the form clean and minimise redundant fields.
  • Easily link a safety report to a risk
  • Add unlimited causes to each event
  • Add unlimited recommendations, comments and final team recommendations to the event
  • Add unlimited corrective actions and follow ups with deadlines for each.
  • Users can be emailed as the safety event progresses including warnings corrective actions and follow ups are falling due.
  • Add unlimited documents to the safety report such as photos etc.
  • Customisable safety reports or use our default format.