Flight and Duty

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Flight and Duty Limitations

  • List all your crew and categorise by department (flight, ground, engineering etc)
  • Create unlimited ‘Work Practices’ for your crew which are either customisable or use the CASA default work practices.
  • Compliant with the new CAO 48.1 crew flight and duty limitation regulations.
  • Create rosters for your crew quickly and easily in the roster calendar function.
  • As rosters are created for your crew Aerotrack instantly analyses the data and warns if the roster will overrun that work practices flight and duty limitations.
  • Each crew member can view their own roster and add actual duty times per roster day.
  • Flight crew can see their flight times in a searchable table once the flights are ‘completed’.
  • Flight Crew Members can quickly and easily enter the flight data on return that is used for billing as well as their logbook and flight recency tracking.
  • Flight Crew Members logbooks are stored and updated by entering flight data on their return.
  • Flight times are searchable and totaled by:
    • Date Range
    • Rego
    • Aircraft model
    • Base
    • Work Practice
    • Category/Sub-Category
    • Duty Times can be seen also in a table view and are searchable and totalled by:
      • Date range
      • Base
      • Work Practice

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