Crew Recency

Crew Recency 2020-02-11T06:57:43+00:00


  • Create recency items customised to your operation.
    • Flight Recencies, such as IFR hour and instrument approaches.
    • Non-Flight items such as ASIC cards, Base and Line Checks.
  • Recency items may be renewable or not, if they are renewable set their interval by days or months to create a due date
  • When adding recency items to a crew member simply add the code and all details will pull from the master list.
  • When renewing a recency item the system will automatically add recency history for that item.
  • Add unlimited documents (pdf, excel, work, image etc) to the recency item for that crew member.
  • Recency Warnings exist to when recency items fall within period from their due date
  • Crew members receive email notification when their recency item is becoming due and continuous periodic warnings until the due date.
  • Management have the ability to see all crew items within their warning periods.

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