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Aerotrack Ops is an Australian designed and built software package developed specifically for Australian aviation operators.

The package allows the operator to produce quotes for potential work and from the quote make a firm booking which then follows through to the flight returns to be entered by the pilot after the flight has been carried out. Using the booking information the operator can then invoice the client directly from the package and the pilot can enter their flight and duty times to be tracked against the appropriate CASA regulations.

The crew rostering can be setup within the package and the software uses the CASA CAO 48.1 Instrument 2019 rules to ensure the roster and actual flight/duty times meets the CASA regulations.

Crew recency is also monitored, pilots are notified via email when renewal is required for either a non-flight recency or a flight recency.

Aerotrack also tracks the operators assets such as life jackets or aircraft tug service requirements and notifies management by email when these items are due for renewal to servicing.

When the Ops package is used in conjunction with the MRO package the Ops users can see the aircraft maintenance requirements as setup by the HAAMC or CAM. This allows full visibility of the aircraft run out for component life, inspections, ADs and SBs.