Improvements to requisitions; status on required parts per task card.



Inventory > Parts Label
  • Corrected a formatting issue.
Maintenance Control > Defects
  • Corrected an issue when clearing a due date of a defect would not also clear the ‘to run’ value.
Inventory >  Detail View > Kit Components Tab Panel > ‘Send Parts to PO’
  • Corrected an issue that caused a hard error if an empty line was present.
Jobs > Detail View > Worksheet Task Tab > Task Card
  • Corrected an issue that caused the doc ref and url to not appear.
Report Centre > Jobs > ‘Parts Used per Job’ Report
  • Corrected an issue with the ‘Include External Jobs’ search filter.
Maintenance Control > Update Aircraft
  • Corrected an issue that didn’t respect the ‘Update Aircraft’ security setting for the logged in user.



Jobs > Worksheet Tasks > Required Parts
  • Required parts now have a status which defaults to ‘Open’.
  • The status of these parts follows the same workflow as requisitions.
Jobs > Parts Issue
  • When using a barcode scanner or manually entering a line item, if the job # and part # have a matching required parts entry, a window will appear allowing the user to connect the issue part to the required part.
  • This feature was added to allow the status to update when not using the ‘Required Parts’ tool.
  • This includes requisition parts.

Maintenance Control
  • New calculated counter: AS350 Torque Cycles
Sales >  Profit Analysis Search
  • The search for incomplete profit analysis no longer includes negative values.
Sales Quotes > Job Quote > Detail View > Adding ‘Scheduled Tasks’
  • Required parts from the maintenance schedule task are now added to the quote line details.