Requisitions Improvements



Report Centre
  • Resolved an issue with the ‘Audit Plan’ report not printing from the Report Centre.


User Accounts
  • Users are now sorted by status and then name. Inactive users will appear at the bottom of the list.



  • The requisition system has been significantly re-designed with numerous enhancements.

    • this system now integrates with required parts per job task card

    • you can now enter data much faster in a table-type view

    • new status types to better describe the state of the requisition

    • better visibility of related transactions to the requisition

      There are new tutorials to explain this workflow, please visit our website here:

      The workflow is designed requisitions for jobs, if you require functionality to create requisitions without a job # you will need to enable a setting here:
      System > settings > Preferences Tab > Inventory > ‘Allow Requisitions without Job #’

Stock Adjustments
  • The following tables now limit the amount of data shown by default.
    • Adjustments (last 365 days by Finish Date)
    • Kit Builds (last 365 days by assembled Date)
    • Owner Supplied (last 365 days by Finish Date)
    • Stock Transfers (last 365 days by Received Date)



Report Centre
  • The report Crew > Recency/Flight Recency History has been renamed to ‘Flight Recency History’ and now only searches for flight recencies.