Minor bug fixes. Preparation for Mobile client.


New Features

User Accounts
  • In anticipation of the Aerotrack Mobile client, a new user account setting in ‘SYSTEM > user accounts’ has been introduced that when enabled restricts the user to the mobile client only. The user won’t be able to login to the main application when this setting is enabled.



    • The report ‘Jobs by Rego’ was not including external jobs even though the setting was enabled.
    Lifed Components
    • Corrected an issue when transferring components from the component store to a schedule.
    New Maintenance Control
    • Corrected an issue where Airworthiness Directives in schedules were not sorting correctly within their folder.
    Order Planner
    • Corrected an issue when sending parts to an RFQ which sometimes caused selected items to not be added to the RFQ record.
    • Corrected an issue that allowed inactive parts to be added to a purchase order.
    • Corrected an issue where the ‘Cost Total’ in the ‘Profit Analysis’ tab panel per sale was not calculating correctly for parts invoices in certain situations.
    System Administration
    • Corrected an issue that caused a hard error when deleting a labour activity with an empty name.
    Worksheet Tasks
    • Corrected an issue that allowed the Completing/Signing Tasks wizard to open when no tasks were selected.
    • Corrected an issue where the Doc. Ref of a task wasn’t displayed.


    • The ‘Parts In/Used per job’ report now groups on task code.
    New Maintenance Control
    • Previously, wiithin the schedules form, the top right tab panels for airframe, propeller, and engine, derived their title from the position and description of the component. With multiple tabs and long descriptions, some tabs would be hidden/cut-off from view.
      We now replace the tab title with the position and component type e.g. LH Engine, RH Propeller.
    • New counter added: Stretcher Lifts
    • If a user has restriction on viewable regos, this also applies to the reports that can be run in maintenance control.
    Safety Reports
    • When closing a safety report, a close out date can now be defined under the ‘Close Out’ tab.
      Closed safety reports with a close out date greater than 365 days will no longer be shown by default.
    • The report ‘Cost of goods sold by date’ has been removed as it is replaced by the profit analysis reports.
    System Administration
    • Legal Documents listed under the user profile menu now open the corresponding document within your browser (when logged in).