Old MC End of Life



  • We have restricted the types of characters that can be used in a Serial # field.
    Allowable characters are:
    • A-Z
    • 0-9
    • Period (.)
    • Forward-Slash (/)
    • Hyphen (-)
New Maintenance Control
  • The delete function for a maintenance control schedule has been moved to the actions menu on the schedule record.
    There is a new restriction on deleting a schedule if that schedule has a related job.
  • Added a new unit of measure “Seconds” to the Power Checks setup.
  • As of this release, the old maintenance control system is end of life.
    All unconverted schedules whether in-active or not, will have a simple conversion method run to move them to the new maintenance control system.
    If you require copies of the data from the old system, please contact Aerotrack Support for pdf reports or excel exports.
Release Certificates
  • An audit entry is now created on a job if the user edits the form tracking # or work order # of a certificate.
    We also record the deletion of a certificate in the audit history.
    A new setting added that makes the form tracking # non-editable.
Sales Quotes
  • You can now import a CAMP work order contents sheet into a sales quote.