Improvements to B2B workpacks and worksheet task sign off.
Other minor improvements and bug fixes.



  • Resolved an issue that caused empty values to appear in some supplier name drop down lists.
  • Resolved an issue that wouldn’t allow the usual supplier/repairer to be selected if the supplier name contained trailing whitespace.
  • Resolved an issue which caused signed worksheet tasks not to appear in the personnel record under certain conditions.
Worksheet Tasks
  • Adjusted the Worksheet Task Sign Off action to require LAME rather than AME.


  • Adding and deleting Parts Issue/Parts In line items will now trigger an audit event regardless of job status.
New Maintenance Control
  • Adjusted the Find Aircraft search form to only include active schedules by default. By checking Inactive, the search will be restricted to inactive schedules only.
  • From an aircraft schedule, the Worksheet Tool tab now lists non defect schedule items without a to run value. These items can then be opened and configured before being added to a job. This change was introduced to make it easier to manage the addition of new items from a template across multiple schedules. Previously, every new item on every effected schedule would need to be opened and configured. Now, with more visibility, items can be configured as and when required.
  • Search by Open Backorders
    Click the checkbox in the search on the Purchases Register to find purchases that come from a backorder.
Report Centre
  • Sales by Accounts
    The following reports no longer requires an account to be declared.
    • Sales by Accounts (Detail)
    • Sales by Accounts (Summary)
System Administration
  • Pricing Import
    • Inventory Last Cost can now be imported. Import templates will need to be updated to include a Last Cost column.
  • Parts Import: SYSTEM > company details > Pricing Systems > Import Pricing Data.
    • A new actions menu Import Parts > Update Matching Parts. This function will update existing inventory items matched by Part # with any missing data. It will not override a field if it’s already set.

    • Supplier and manufacturer in the import file will now be applied to inventory items. If the manufacturer doesn’t exist, a new manufacturer will be created which can be edited from SYSTEM > controlled lists > Inventory Lists.

New Features

  • Superseded Part #
    • On the Alternate Parts tab you are now able to set a part that supersedes the part # you are currently viewing.
    • Click the go to button next to the field to navigate to the part #.
  • B2B Workpacks Improvement
    • B2B workpack handshake now automatically add reciever of workpack request to the contacts of the company record and assigns it B2B default.
    • On selection of a maintenance provider on an extenal job, the email address of the B2B default will be automatically entered onto the B2B contact field.



Sector Register
  • Minor UI improvements