Added inventory specific fixed pricing description fields. Minor improvements and bug fixes.



  • Smarter history means navigating with the backwards and forwards buttons is now a breeze.



Costs & Charges
  • Resolved an issue that caused Compulsory and Last Cost prices to be ignored when the batch cost was $0.00.
Document Management
  • Rectified issue in which read request notifications were not appearing on login.
  • Resolved a configuration issue which caused a hard error when creating a new job if Auto Generate Job # was enabled without Next Job # being defined.


Aircraft Templates
  • When updating a schedule template and pressing ‘Change All’, a select all check box is provided to make it easier to apply changes to all schedules using the template.
  • Quality of life improvements to B2B workpacks. Operators can now complete tasks regardless of whether or not the provider has completed them all. Email validation is now more intelligent when searching for a B2B contact.
Lifed Components
  • New calculated counter added: RL022
  • Personnel can now have a default activity assigned which will be auto populated on new timesheet entries.
  • A ‘Paid in Full’ button is now available for Purchase Orders from the Supplier Details tab which enters the PO amount into the ‘Paid’ field along with current date and actioning user.
  • The Purchases Order Planner now allows multi-selection of part lines for adding to PO/RFQ’s.
  • The ‘Paid in Full’ check-box in the Customer Details tab has been replaced with a button. The confirmation dialog has also been removed to make the process slightly faster.
  • Timesheet entries can be entered up to three months in the future.

New Features

  • Dedicated fixed price level descriptions are now available. These can now be set from System > Company Details > Pricing Systems.
Report Centre
  • Outstanding Backorders Report
    Report now shows originating purchase order that Backorder was derived from.