Improvements to Document Security and Sorting of Worksheet Tasks



System Administration – Preferences
  • Resolved an issue with the Tax Code Controlled list that caused a tax code to become unusable in some circumstances when its type was reset to the ‘Empty/All’ option.


Document Management
  • Changes to document security now allows An SMS Manager to view any personnel document.

    Personnel documents that were restricted to the personnel member and uploader became difficult to access if the authorised staff took leave or left the organisation.

User Accounts
  • The email address of a user account can now be the same as an existing account as long as only one of these accounts are ‘Active’. This is useful for organisations that have role-based email accounts such as ‘’.



    Aircraft Schedules
    • Resolved an issue when copying a configuration that caused the warnings or tolerance counters not to update in some circumstances.
    • Resolved an issue where it was possible to enter a line-item date in the future (greater than the current date).
      Resolved an issue where it was possible to enter a finish date less than any line-item date.
      • Resolved an issue where a Job # could be cleared even though it had related records. Job #’s can be changed with related records, but the Job # cannot be cleared.
    New Maintenance Control
    • Resolved an issue causing a hard error when attempting to attach more than 1 component to a C-Store component.
    • Resolved an issue with repairs added to a purchase order where the ‘out’ quantity for the initial GRN was not being set correctly under certain circumstances.


    • When viewing the GRN/Batch list of a part and entering the filter to only show ‘On Hand Stock’, the setting will persist until the application is closed.

    Job Tasks
    • The worksheet tasks tab panel now contains a search function. This will search on task #, ATA, description, action taken, tech log. Clearing the search will show all tasks.

    • A new setting to sort worksheet tasks on a job: ‘Default Worksheet Task Sort- ATA, Task #’.

      This setting will be applied any new job created, and can be changed jper job number. This checkbox can be found at the top of the worksheet tasks tab panel.

      If this setting is applied the worksheet tasks will always sort by ATA Chapter first then task #. This setting will be useful if your company always sets an ATA Chapter and has a large task count per job.

      The ATA Chapter column is now to the far left of the worksheet tasks table.

    New Maintenance Control
    • When copying required parts from a template, any existingl required parts on the target schedule will first be cleared before adding the template required parts.

    • The Reorder Parts tab inside the Required Parts popup now displays the ‘Order QTY’ as a column. When auto populating the ‘PO QTY’ using the ‘Set PO QTY’ button, the ‘PO QTY’ will be set to the ‘Order QTY’.

    Report Centre
    • The report ‘Labour by Job and Date’ can now be filtered by ‘Base Code’.