Return of Excess Stock



  • All aircraft model lists now refer to the CASA distrubuted list.



    Inventory Batches
    • Corrected an issue with the ‘grn list’ advanced search where the ‘On Hand’ filter didn’t handle a value of ‘0’ correctly.
    • Corrected an issue that duplicated alternate parts when the ‘Create’ button was pressed multiple times in the alternate parts tab.
    Report Centre
    • Corrected issue with report ‘Adjustments by No.’ not finding ‘Owner Supplied’ records.


    • Various improvements to the “Return of Excess Stock” feature including displaying the return quantity in the “Parts Mark Up” tab panel and including this value in various financial calculations. Smarter data entry validation now inhibits: returning non-inventory, return qty greater than issued qty and other bad data practices.

      All “Parts Used” reports now incorporate the quantity issued, quantity returned and quantity used columns.

      Please note:

      • that the value-in of line-items on a job now excludes excess stock.

      • this new functionality will auto-calculate on new jobs. For legacy jobs, there is an Actions menu “Calculate Returned Values”.

    • Personnel can now have the same authorisation ratings on distinct categories.

    • From the Order Planner, when adding parts to an existing PO or RFQ, the existing records are provided in a list picker for easy selection.

    • Numerous improvements to Required Parts feature. These include: Filtering UX improvements, blocking negative PO QTY and general UI refinements.

    Report Centre
    • Added 3 new requisition reports: ‘Requisitions by Date’, ‘Requisitions by Job’, ‘Requisitions by User’. Requisition reports are now located in the ‘Inventory’ report directory.

    • Improved functionality of creating a requisition with an empty part number.

    • Improvements made to UI when revoking workpack approval.

    Worksheet Tasks
    • The worksheet task cards on a job now displays the document reference, URL link, and a button to open the URL in your default browser.
      To accomodate these new fields, the form has had a minor redesign.
      This is on both the task cards for aircrafit maintenance and component OH/maintenance.