New tab panels in personnel



  • Corrected an issue with task numbering the checks in the audit template.
Report Centre
  • Previously printing a report with no corrosponding report file would throw a hard
    programming error.
    The system will now dialogue the user explaining the missing report file and it’s name.


  • In forms where there was a check all / clear all icon these have now been replaced with a
    checkbox toggle to select all / select none.
Document Management
  • There is a now a hard limit of 15MB per document uploaded to our online storage.
  • In the actions menu for the personnel form there is a new function to edit the spelling of
    the personnel/crew members name.
    This is only editable by an application manager.



  • Corrected an issue where creating an exchange from within a purchase did not
    automatically refresh the exchanges table view to show the new exchange.
  • Corrected an issue when creating a PO from an RFQ not calculating the lineitem totals and
    purchase totals.
  • Corrected an issue of the quotes tab within the sales form not being visible.
Worksheet Tasks
  • Corrected an issue of the sub task report printed from within a task card not sorting


  • In various forms where the user enters a GRN, Job #, part #, REGO we now automatically
    “trim” the data for trailing or preceding blank spaces.
  • You can no longer enter negative quantities on jobs or adjustments.
    These need to be entered in the correct in or out tab panel as a positive value.
  • New report “Labour Profitability by Tradesman and Date”.
    This report summarises by date the hours worked per personnel record over a date range.
    In the last page of the report there is a group summary by date for all personnel.
  • Adding items from the MR selection window to the MR form no longer closes the window
    upon adding the records.
New Maintenance Control
  • When copying the configuration of components will not copy across the date of
    manufacture or date last OH.
  • within the personnel form there are new tab panels for:
    • worksheet tasks completed
      This shows all task cards completed for aircraft maintenance and component jobs by that
      personnel record.
      By default this data is for one year, but can be searched by date and by ATA chapter.
      Double clicking the row will open the task card in read-only mode.
    • ARC signed
      This shows all ARCs signed by the personnel record.
      By default this data is for one year, but can be searched by date.
      Double clicking the row will open the ARC in read-only mode.
    • Logbook entries
      This shows all logbook entries signed by the personnel record.
      By default this data is for one year, but can be searched by date.
      Double clicking the row will open the logbook entry in read-only mode.
  • New print option “Received stock allocation”.
    This option shows all received stock and seperates into different sections for:
    • stock received for jobs
    • stock received for inventory store
    • stock received for sales orders with details for each type.
Report Centre
  • Change the sort order of the SDS expiration report to be descending by oldest date.
  • There is now a print button on the component card to print the component detail report.
    This was previosuly only acessible through the report centre.
  • Requisitions now only show a GRN value per requisition if the part has been received.
  • From a parts invoice record opening the GRN selection window now allows the user to enter a new GRN.
  • You can no longer enter > 200 rows per timesheet.You can no longer have more than one timesheet per personnel record.

These controls are necesary for the forthcoming mobile app for timesheets.

  • Within the timesheet form we now seperate the lineitems into time details and additional expenses.

This makes it easier to view each type.
Previously these were always mixed in the one timesheet.
This feature was necessary for the forthcoming mobile timesheet application.


New Reports

New Maintenance Control
  • New report “Fleet forecast (Major items)”.
    This allows the user to search for due major items across the fleet.
    The report can be further filtered by owner and base.