Historical aircraft counters per Job.
Calendar improvements



  • Corrected an issue in owner supplied parts of double entering the serial # into the part
  • Corrected an issue when creating an external job did not automatically update the
    external jobs table.
New Maintenance Control
  • Corrected an issue where clearing the due date / hour was not also clearing the to-run
  • Corrected an issue when creating a PO from a RFQ was not correctly populating the Send
    To address for that base code.
Sales Quotes
  • Corrected an issue when adding an additional work task to a quote throwing a hard
    programming error.
System Administration
  • Corrected an issue when importing data from Xero suppliers/customers was not correctly
    setting the currency and tax codes.


  • When importing images > 128 kB, we will now compress the image to less than 128 kB.
    Ths system will now only allow file types of .png, .jpg, .jpeg, .bmp, .gif, .tiff.
Accounting Exports
  • The system now allows exporting purchases to Attache accounting software.
  • Dialog the user when creating a duplicate audit template code
Dashboard Tiles
  • New dashboard tile for Risk Register Reviews.
    This tile displays the count of all risk register items within the reviewed warning period.
    New dashboard tile for Tools issued not returned.
    This tile displays the tools issued to a job with an issued date but no returned date.
  • The audit history when completing a job now writes the airframe date/hours/coordinator.
Log Book Entries
  • Logbook entries tab panel “components replaced”.
    Added a TSN column per component.
  • When creating log book entries, depending on the airframe type and the engine type, we
    now dialog the user of the possible type options for the log book entries.
    For example, it is not an option to create


    • a propeller log book entry for a rotorcraft.
    • a piston engine log book entry for an aircraft with a turbine engine
New Maintenance Control
  • Aircraft schedules detail form > Worksheet Tool tab panel > Actions menu > Make Due
    Incomplete Items.
    This option will show a window with all maintenance items for that schedule with limits of
    hours and/or days that have no due point set.
    From this window, the user can enter a due hour and due date for these items.
    Selecting these maintenance items will set for each item the due point and calculate to-run
    Since these items now have to-run values, they will now appear in the worksheet tool to be
    added to the workpack.
    This feature should enable aircraft copied from a template, for example, to quickly make
    these items due for a “certificate of approval”.
  • We now block and dialog the user if a duplicate type rating has been entered in the
    personnel record.
  • The type ratings valuelist now sort correctly by the type rating A > Z.
Report Centre
  • Sales by Job/Task report.
    This report now sorts correctly by task # and adds a group header for task #.
  • Worksheet (Parts List) report.
    This report now sorts by task # and part #.
  • Added a “Stock” option to the urgency valuelist.
System Administration
  • We have moved multibase setting to another form since this option is rarely set, and once
    set, it is not usually altered.
  • Added a form # option for Safety Reports.
  • System > Controlled Lists > Power Checks.
    We have added a unit of measure “kg/cm2”.
  • Block the user from entering a future date for the calibration date of a tool.

New Features

  • Adjustment details form > Actions menu > Add Shelf Life Expired Items.
    This feature will show a window with a list of all expired inventory batches, checking these
    items off will add these batches to the adjustment record with the out quantity = on hand
    quantity of these batches.
    This feature should enable the user to rapidly adjust out of stock shelf life expired batches.
  • Jobs detail form > Notes tab panel.
    This form now contains a list of all counters and their values from the aircraft and also adds
    the counters for engine/propeller hours.


    This data is set when:

    • the user enters the rego
    • using the Actions menu > Get aircraft counters
    • using the refresh icon in the notes tab panel
    • This data will be used on completion of the workpack (will no longer be editable in the
      wizard to complete the workpack).
      This data will be required before completing the workpack.
      This data will be required before creating log book entries.


      The advantages of this feature is:

    • we now have a permanent record of all aircraft counters at the time the workpack is
    • we can use the counters within the log book entries with TSO/TSN of the engine/propeller.
    • we can use the counters in the printed log book entries.
    • we set the airframe details of log book entries now automatically
      When refreshing or editing counters, a history record will be written to the job.



    Crew Recency
    • It is now not possible to add flight recencies with a value less than 1.


    • The calendar for operations has been moved from a pop-up window to a view option in
      the operations table.
      The calendar for bookings has been moved from a pop-up window to a view option in the
      bookings table..
      The calendar for crew rosters has been moved from a pop-up window to a view option in
      the crew register table.
      All calendar functionality remains the same.
      The calendar option in the main navigation has been removed.
    Crew Duty & Roster
    • The old appendices for CASA 48.1 prior to Instrument 2019 have been marked as inactive.
      Any roster templates associated with these appendices cannot be added to the roster