Aviation management tools

Aerotrack Systems

Our aviation applications are designed to streamline your workflow for both Maintenance Repair and Overhaul (MRO) and Flight Operation (OPS) business.

These cloud applications and their companion mobile app offer a comprehensive solution for general aviation businesses. 

They have been developed over a 18 year period through ongoing consultation with our large and ever expanding customer base.

We’ve got you covered

Are you still using Excel spreadsheets to track your maintenance?

Bring your engineering maintenance organisation up to speed with Aerotrack MRO. Our engineering solution is aimed at solving the challenging compliance requirements facing every aviation workshop in our increasingly regulated industry.

The application manages inventory logistics, maintenance control of aircraft, job costing and invoicing, personnel records and much more.

Job Control

Ensure jobs are scheduled and completed on time with full visibility of parts and labour costs at any time. Tools allow the user to rapidly markup these items with profit analysis prior to 1 click invoicing. 

Inventory Management

Full traceability of inventory from purchase to issuing parts to jobs or part sales. Provisioning and minimum stock tools allow simple ordering or creation of picking lists. Barcode scanning is fully supported, including label printing.

Maintenance Control

Effective maintenance tracking across your fleet that scales from light to complex twin turbine aircraft. We allow unlimited sub-assembly of life components and maintenance items allowing full visibility of the aircraft configuration.


Simple and accurate pricing and invoicing including a full quoting module. Each sale provides costings per item to enable detailed profit analysis.  Integrates with your existing accounting software, no double data entry! 


Track your engineering, office staff recency, and training requirements. Integrates with our time sheets to accurately measure time on each job/task. Each personnel record also captures their authorisations and task card history.


Our compliance module contains functionality for managing GSE, calibrated tooling and technical subscriptions. Comprehensive and flexible SMS and auditing systems are fully integrated within this module.

Aerotrack OPS application assists aerial work and charter operators manage their fleet and crew.

Regain control of your flight operations with a comprehensive application that incorporates quoting, bookings, invoicing, crew management, scheduling, flight and duty and more.

The application is now fully compliant with the latest CASA fatigue rules which are managed through a dynamic rostering calendar and electronic pilot logbook.

Quotes & Bookings

Rapidly create quotes for your customers and when accepted turn these into aircraft bookings. Bookings can also be created directly without a quote or from templates. Each booking contains flight cost and charge information for profit analysis prior to invoicing. 

Crew Management

Easily manage your flight crew’s recencies, flight recencies, rostering, and training. As recencies fall due each crew member is emailed reminders and warnings. Flight recencies and targets can be customised to suit your operational requirements. 

Flight and Duty

Each crew member can see a full history of their duty and logbook entries and report their full aeronautical experience including “totals on type”. Allows for import and export of logbook entries from other platforms.


Our online rostering calendar allows point-and-click addition of rostered duty from custom templates. If this roster is not within fatigue rules it’s marked clearly in error for review. Each duty record also stores sleep diary and fatigue scores.


Flexible invoicing that can be structured either pre-flight, post-flight or both. A full profit analysis of costs and charges for each flight is available. Charges can be combined across multiple flights into a single invoice. Export your invoices to Xero.


Our compliance module contains functionality for managing GSE, fuel records and technical subscriptions. Comprehensive and flexible SMS and auditing systems are fully integrated within this module.

Our mobile app is designed to be a companion to our desktop applications. This app has a subset of features in a simplified interface designed for use on phones and tablets. This app does not require special licencing and is available for any user with a desktop account. Alternatively, you can optionally specify the user has mobile access only.

An internet connection is required and therefore all data entered and viewed by the user is synced to and from the desktop applications in real-time. For example, completing a job task card on our mobile app will immediately update the task card on our desktop application.

The app is available for both Android and Apple mobile devices.

Our Advantages

Our cloud-based solutions provide the usual benefits over on-premise type applications such as: managing version upgrades, backups of data, redundancy of hardware, application hosting, and remote connectivity for your users. We manage all of this so you don’t have to!

Our experienced local team provides knowledgeable technical support and is available by phone and email to respond to your enquiries. User training is delivered via online/onsite instruction as well as user guides and video tutorials.

We have designed an appealing and efficient user interface to improve user productivity and satisfaction. This consistent look and feel across all applications greatly reduces both your staff training time and reliance on technical support.